Vicky’s case of spoons

Vicky was a participant on a Forest School Training Course at the end of September and we discovered we shared a similar obsession for the shaping of green wood with sharp metal instruments to resemble the form of eating and cooking utensils. ’tis a rare treat to be able to have such conversations, though we did put all the spoons back in their cases and bags before most people turned up for the day’s session.

Here are some of Vicky’s spoons:


  • Vicky says:

    I just found your website…
    It was really nice to meet someone who understands the obsession of spoon carving… thanks. We really appreciated your input on the forest school course.
    Vicky ; )

  • Emma Potter says:

    Hi I am interested in your spoon carving course as a possibility for my mums birthday present, and now having read your website – I can’t fancy having a go myself! Do you have any dates organised for this year? If so what would be the cost for individual participants?

    just by the by:
    it made me smile to see you started your spoon making ventures at Jim and Di’s. I’ve known the Mcpetries for years as John is a very good friend of mine,! Small world.

    Best wishes

    Thanks for

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