Stone, Bone, Antler and Shell

This is a belated new year post to show off one of my favourite Christmas presents! it is a book that has been on my wish list for ages after I discovered Hilary Stewart’s great book Cedar about 8 years ago.

We had a turkey for Christmas dinner for the first time ever and after eating all of it and making a big pot of stock, I fished out the leg bones and turned to page 120…

I cheated on the tools front and used a hacksaw, tent peg and sandpaper but in 10 minutes had a functional bone whistle. This is a potential forest school project, and is certainly easier than willow or elder whistles for primary aged children. I will have to try sheep bones next or wait until next Christmas and ask everyone I know if I can raid their stock pots. I’ll post the results when I’ve tested this with some young people at the end of the month.

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  • Liz says:

    Hi rich,
    I just went on amazon to see who published this book and could only find one listed for £533 so don’t think I will be supplying this after all.

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