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Jane and Jennie from Nature Workshops drove all the way up from the far end of Cornwall in May to attend a course called ‘Whittling Thingamajigs and Whatsits’ in the magical Wildwood near Wembworthy.  You can read their blog about it on their website.

carving courseWe were making all sorts of things from twigs and branches using just a knife and pruning saw. We started off with learning a few different grips and knifecuts on a bit of hazel and got to grips with finer knife control by making feather sticks and gypsy flowers. As this was a fun day out round the fire rather than targeted professional development training, I threw out lots of ideas and tried to help everyone achieve what they had chosen to make. Whistles, Butter spreaders and the inevitable chickens all raised their heads – an image of the days makings can be seen on Janes blog post. I’m running another of these days at the same venue in the Autumn. More details on this and a spoon carving day are on the carving courses page.

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