Make Room for the Mushrooms



I’ve been making these little wooden mushrooms for quite a while now and they are a really good project to introduce people to whittling.I finally got round to setting up a tripod this afternoon and having my first go at stop motion carving. I had lots of help from my son putting it together and we are quite pleased with how it came out. Let us know what you think.





  • anna says:

    I am so inspired to do this now.
    What type of wood did you used?

    • Richard says:

      Anna, This one is Ash because that what was growing in the hedge at the right diameter but Willow is best as it is easy to work and often grows in nice long poles without too many knots that yield lots of mushrooms. Good luck with your making. R

  • Brilliant idea Richard, will be sharing on my pages. Thanks a lot. Claire 🙂

  • Richard! My boys are going to be in heaven attempting this. The last year everything has been about fungus, costumes, drawings, teams at school, clay worlds of fungi, and now this. Plus the wonderful fungus movie who seems to whittle himself magically. Ok, nuff said, we will send Bklyn fungus pics upon completion.

    • Richard says:

      Thanks Aura, your boys are such fun-guys! (sorry) Can’t wait to see what they come up with. see you all sometime – Trondheim 2015?

  • jon cree says:

    you have just given ame a little more inspiration for my niece at christmas rich – she wants a basket of jon made things but i think i’ll get her to put these in the basket – that she’ll make!!!!

    • Richard says:

      Thats a great idea Jon. I’m making a tiny boolklet of instructions as well. Should be ready to download and pop in the basket next week. Cheers Richard

  • Mike Anderson says:

    Thanks Richard, I’ve loads to do this afternoon but hey, a bit of muchroom carving whilst there’s still some light will be time beter spent! Leaving a little bark at the rim of the cap is a nice touch. Mike

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