Move over Storm Kettle, here comes the Samovar

I use Storm Kettles / Kelly Kettles on a regular basis with groups of children at Forest School or with adults on training courses. I had 5 much loved storm kettles until June when, after a long day in the woods, I drove over 2 of them that had been very kindly carried from the camp by some students and left in from of my car.  Trying to turn see the problem as a solution, I looked around for alternatives rather than just replacing like with like. Earlier in the year I met some WWII Russian Army re-enactors who were using a very ornate wood burning kettle to have a constant supply of tea so I looked them up and discovered the Samovar . I bought a more modern, 4.5 litre Stainless Steel version on ebay for £30 and took it out today for a test brew. Check out the video to see how it went.



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